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 SOTI SYNC Conference, Toronto  

Leadership Speaker

Communications & Career Coach

Helping to bridge the gap between human psychology and workplace practices

Moving People

Why Zeina?


Having leadership skills in these uncertain times has never been so sought after.

How can we increase our positionning and influence as an organization

Communication skills have never been so vital, and how well we do it affects our relationships.

How do we communicate in an impactful way?


We are all experiencing information overload, and this can hinder our results.

How can we reach above the noise and focus on what matters most?

We network and don’t always remember or leverage who we meet.

How can we expand our networking growth?

A few key takeaways from my presentations include:

  • Standing out and thriving, even in uncertain times

  • Communicating with impact in a noisy world  

  • Increasing your influence on others

  • Navigating your career journey with an edge

  • Networking effectively and creating a lasting impression on others 

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Conference Topics

For over ten years, Zeina has spoken at various industry and corporate events through her captivating presentations and coached hundreds of people worldwide. 

Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication

  • High Impact Communication: The secrets of great leaders

  • Storytelling in a Noisy World: Captivate, Convince, and Inspire


Adapting and Thriving

  • Standing Out and Thriving in Uncertain Times

  • Understanding the Current Landscape - Don't Be Oblivious to the Obvious

  • Successful Interview Skills in an Online World

Pivoting to Success

Pivoting to Success

  • Effective Power Networking

  • Being Memorable in a Fast-Paced World

  • Increasing Your Influence


Becoming Great

  • Licence to Work: 2020 and Beyond

  • Entering The Workforce with Gusto

  • Navigating Your Career with an Edge

  • Let Me Save You a Decade: Lessons Learned for Young Professionals

Zeina has spoken at:

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"Zeina was a guest speaker at "Women Leadership in Business". The talk was motivating and extremely useful for business professionals. Testimony to its impact is the suggestion from the audience that it be made into a TED talk - which was met with thunderous applause. Zeina is a skilled speaker, and highly recommended for knowing the pulse of the audience and engaging them with business knowledge."

Deeba Khan

Consultant, CGI

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Latest Insights

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