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Meet Zeina

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You know when you’re aware of your skills, have dreams and aspirations, but feel lost on your journey?... That’s where Zeina comes in. 


Born in Lebanon and raised in Montreal, Zeina grew up with a multicultural mindset and is bilingual in French and English. She holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from HEC-Montreal. Combined with her background in marketing, sales, and a foundation in law, Zeina takes a holistic approach to personal branding, bridging the gap between human psychology and workplace practices. In an age where everyone networks, but rarely connects, Zeina found herself in a unique position to help. 

Throughout her experience in retail, commercial real estate, financial services, B2B software, and mobile device management, Zeina soon discovered the universal skill of effectively leveraging relationships was underutilized. From there, her focus was on establishing, nurturing, and maintaining solid relationships in the workforce, allowing her to thrive in every job position. More than that was her ability to help others achieve the same thing. 


What started out as helping friends optimize their LinkedIn profile turned into becoming a highly sought-after consultant to top professionals from around the world. This experience transformed her from a personal advisor into a speaker, moderator, and winner of the Educator of the Year LinkedIn Award. Zeina’s success doesn’t lie in a secret recipe or the perfect power pose, but on one fundamental truth: When networking, people are trying to see if you are telling the truth about who you really are. 

Zeina has always been great at connecting people, different ideas, content, strategies and finding solutions for others. That is how the name Zeina Connects came about.


Zeina’s tips and strategies revolve around discovering your strengths and bringing synergy to verbal and nonverbal cues, all while presenting one’s best self. Whether it is an individual or organization, if you are job hunting or navigating digital networking, Zeina’s objective is to help each person thrive and realize his/her own goals. 


For over eight years, she has coached hundreds of people individually and through her captivating presentations.  

Zeina Gharzouzi

Remember: Don’t give up on your aspirations; it’s all within your grasp!

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