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Do you need guidance on how to navigate the new work landscape?

Has the economical impact of the pandemic made you rethink your career path,

and you are now looking for ways to leverage your skills in order to succeed?


My name is Zeina.

I am a leadership speaker who has worked in over seven different industries.

Throughout my career, I have met people from all walks of life, and have been part of an ever-evolving

work landscape that has been lately reshaped by the global pandemic.

Luckily, I am here to motivate you, guide you, and show you ways to maximize your skills in your job search

in order for you to fuel your professional path and move forward towards the job you want.

  • How to benefit from the new Workforce Landscape

  • Where you stand in 2021

  • The new LinkedIn

  • Perfecting your resume

  • Acing the interview

In this workshop, I will be covering the following content:

The below complimentary material will be available to you as part of the workshop:

  • The full 25-page presentation handout

  • 30-min FREE 1on1 Q&A with me

  • Over 13 links and tools to help accelerate and enhance your job search efforts

  • 25+ resume templates that you can use now

  • Free executive book summary of How to Be a Power Connector by Judy Robinett

Together, we will better understand how the workforce landscape is evolving and the new soft skills it requires to win.

I look forward to your participation!


Duration: 90 min

*** The Zoom Link will be sent to participants by e-mail 1 hour before the event.***

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