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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The problem we have is often one OR the other because they are often confused as the same.

We often think that we have a consistency problem.

How can we be consistent at the things that we hate but not be consistent at the thing that we say we love?

How can we be consistent at the things that bring us pain and stress but we can't be consistent at the thing that we say means so much to our life?

We’ve all been in these situations.

I look at myself in the mirror, at times, I have been consistent with bad habits, things I hate, bad relationships etc.... and had a hard time being consistent on things that are good for me.

Two reasons why we do this:

1- It doesn't mean that much to us

2- We don't understand how much it costs: us, our dreams, even our soul

In reality, we don't have a consistency problem; we have a commitment problem.

Sometimes the process is ugly.

You will never get to the things that you say mean so much to your life if you don't spend your whole life trying to get it, put in the work and fail and struggle and sometimes embarrass yourself.

I promise you that that ugly process, that ugly struggle, will lead your life to a beautiful destination.

But you'll never know unless you commit to what's good for you.

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