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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This is my favourite mug.

I bought it from the NASA Space Centre in Houston years ago.

I like this saying because when you tackle a challenge with that lens, it sets you up differently than if you tackle it with the "We'll do our best and hope it works out" mentality.

From a perspective of "Failure is not an option," you essentially burn the bridges, and your mind can now get to work on finding solutions that you never thought of before.

Mentally, you position yourself in a more robust stance.

You might not always see "how" you will win, but you know that even thinking of failing is no longer an option.


When I talk to people who have failed at something, they often told me that although they "wanted" to win, out of fear, they often had mentally practiced preparing for failure and its consequences.

This was not intentional, of course, but it's a trap we can all fall in.

It is something that I even struggle with at times.

Today, I don't give myself a choice: when tackling a project/challenge, my first thought is: "Failure is NOT an option."

Now, if I fail, as it will happen to all of us, at least I will always know that it wasn't because I had hindered myself mentally.

Mind games.

To your advantage.


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