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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I was having dinner with a friend last week, and I overhear the conversation of 2 girls in their thirties sitting next to us.

They were complaining about all that seems to be missing and not working well at their jobs.

These days, many people seem to be "waiting for Superman" to come and save the situation!

The thing is, some of the gaps that need to be filled at your workplace can be filled by .... drumroll please... YOU!!

There is a reason why in our work environment, we see some gaps and not others.

Certain gaps stir something in us that we most probably have the skills to help fill.

But wait!

"It's not my responsibility or my department," you say.

Many solutions, breakthroughs and changes within an organization come from someone outside of that specific group.

That person has a different perspective, skills and know-how that can help fill the gap.

Maybe YOU are the change that they need?

I am not saying to throw yourself in every direction.

I am saying, don't be so territorial on putting boundaries on how you can help contribute to your workplace.

Sometimes the magic is outside the boundaries and can elevate your career in ways you couldn't imagine.

Don't be stingy.

Spread your skills. :-)

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