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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

... which is the contrary of "We are a product of our environment."

There are too many examples around us of people who grew up in an unfavourable environment and were able to turn their life around.

➤ Maybe your family has always been poor? You can increase the expectations of yourself and find ways to do better and erase poverty from your future.

➤ Maybe your parents got divorced? You had a front-row ticket on what doesn't work, and you can now decide to choose better when it comes to your mate.

➤ Maybe you had a crappy boss? You have a chance to do better once you are in a leadership position and positively impact your people.


If you were brought up in a favourable environment and had examples of healthy relationships and amazing bosses:

Well, the expectation for yourself could be to continue this legacy.

No matter what title someone has, no matter how much they accomplished or awards they have received, you can predict with a scary accuracy how much impact they will have on their environment by the expectations they have of themselves.

Don't live with regret because of the low expectations you have on yourself.

It's the one thing you have control over.

More than your environment.

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