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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Animals know that to survive, they have to be able to differentiate themselves in a crowded environment to stand out, eat, grow, and multiply.

They do this naturally.

Humans are not that good at differentiating.

We are the only species in the animal kingdom that tries to dumb down, water down and compromise who we are.

We have to fit in, right?

If you take a guard dog, it's purpose is to guard.

It has a very specific purpose.

If you take a lapdog, it's purpose is basically to look cute.

Lap dogs are not guard dogs and vice versa.

What is that quality that allows you to either be the lapdog or guard dog in a crowded and commoditized world?

➤ Do you have all the insider track knowledge?

➤ Are you the one who is the most discerning in helping make decisions?

➤ Are you the one who has the best relationships with partners?

➤ Are you the one who can build rapport with just about anyone?

You are already differentiated from the rest of us.

You already have what it takes to stand out.

You don't have to scream your talents on the rooftop, but at the very least, every day, you should embody those skills.

It will help you grow, enhance and put food on the table.

It's not because we are mostly confined that we must confine our skills as well.

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