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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

My first run at university, I was accepted to law school after applying on a dare, and was sure that I would not be accepted!

After one and a half years there, I realized that it was not for me.

When I left, people told me that "I wasted my time while there."

No, my friends, I didn't.

Here's what Law school taught me that I use in business today:

➤ You can't advocate for others if you can't advocate for yourself: the most difficult lesson to learn is to advocate for yourself because we like to think we don't deserve things, but we do.

➤ No matter the game plan you have, on the field, it might all fall apart, and you need to learn how to pivot and adjust to win.

➤ Forget the evidence; what does your gut say? Sometimes to make a decision, the rules and the evidence won't help; a gut check will guide you to the truth.

➤ When you are defending someone, it will force you to look within at the parts you have trouble looking at and understand that we are all a part of humanity and will make mistakes and need to rise from them.

Maybe for some, it's a relationship, job, project or a failed dream that just ended.

Don't think you wasted years because it ended.

Everything that you have been through, you can now use to create the life you want.

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